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Arguably the most famous and well-known video slot game of all time, Rainbow Riches is featured in tens of thousands of casinos, bookmakers, and even service stations around the world. You’ll have almost certainly seen at least one of the variations of this popular game before, and the general ethos of the game centres around an Irish leprechaun, who awards various prizes dependent on how lucky you get while playing!

Rainbow Riches is one of the core for founders of bonus feature rounds, and cramming an incredible three different bonus rounds into one game was of industry first – and one that the game’s creators – Micro gaming – didn’t take lightly.

Game Play Features

While playing Rainbow Riches, there are three different features that can be triggered on any spin, and all of the features require you to land three of the relevant symbols.

The first, and least profitable, is the wishing well feature, and this is triggered by landing three or more of the wishing well symbols across the five reels. When this happens, you are given the option to pick one of the wishing wells, and you will then be awarded a random cash prize – not incredibly exciting, but you can win up to 20X your stake, so it is a nice little balance builder.

The second, and more profitable feature, is the lucky leprechaun trail of gold bonus, and this is triggered when you land three or more of the lucky leprechaun symbols on the reels – when this happens, you will then be taken to what looks like a mountain path, and you are given the option to spin a wheel which contains numbers between one and six. Whatever numbers you manage to spin is the amount of steps you progress up the mountain, and if you’re lucky enough to progress right to the top, you will win a whopping 500X your stake!

Now the most anticipated bonus in Rainbow Riches is the pots of gold bonus, and this is triggered by landing three or more of the pots of gold symbols. When this happens, you are taken to a spinning wheel where you will see bronze, silver, and gold pots.

You don’t need to do anything, and the spinning wheel will randomly stop on one of the pots and award you whatever amount that is. Some casinos use a multiplier, which means that the gold pot is worth 500X, the silver pot 150X, and the bronze pot 70X – other casinos offer set amounts, so it’s worth checking out how much you can win before playing.

Mobile Version

While Rainbow Riches is one of the oldest slot games played today, it is now available to enjoy from your mobile phone or tablet, and as long as you have a working Internet connection you can begin playing just by logging onto your chosen online casino website for your mobile browser.

Check out Rainbow Riches fun slot game today, and see if you can get three or more of the bonus symbols!

Pros: Three exciting feature rounds gives you fantastic chances of winning on each and every spin.

Cons: With over 10 different variations of this game available today, you may wish to opt for a more modernised version, although that said, Rainbow Riches is the original, and offers a unique gaming experience.

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