Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold Slot Game Review

Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold like most forms consolidates the wishing wells ‘pick me’ reward however this slot likewise accompanies 2 totally unique fundamental components to oust the pots and street to wealth.

By accomplishing 3 leprechauns on the centre 3 reels the player will initiate the fields of gold super extra, this will transform the entire machine into a field of 50 turning coins; one side of every coin is clear and on the other is a money sum.

The first round every coin can be worth £1 or nothing, this round will for the most part accomplish around £30-40. When the round is finished the players are given an expansive turning currency that has the choices of ‘go on’ or ‘gather’. The player chooses the option most feasible to him.

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In the event that the player goes for the option ‘go on’ they keep on fixating their scores on the reel 2, here the coins are worth either £2 or nothing. This round would normally offer an extra £60-70.

Now if the player gets another ‘go ahead’ to cycle 3 this is the place the huge cash is to be won, every coin can be worth £5, £10 or nothing, in the event that The player traverses each of the 3 adjusts the aggregate prize would be £400-£500!!

At last this machine has another unique component which is the ‘toadstool rewards’. The player accomplishes this via getting 3 or more toadstools on the reels. The lower screen will swing to a field loaded with toadstools all of which either contain money sums or pixies/fairies.

The players have 3 picks altogether, in the event that they pick a pixie then that will pick another 3 of the mushrooms for the player and potentially significantly more pixies making a snowball influence! In the event that the player clears the board the aggregate sum of little wins would regularly indicate around £50, on the off chance that the player has 1 pick left then this is multiplied, yet keep 2 picks and its tripled!

On top of all these novel elements this is the first of the rainbow wealth amusements to offer a moment win of £500 for accomplishing 5 of the component images! This is accessible on the 777 cabinet and ends up being extremely fixating.

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